Eventbased Innovation is an ongoing development and research project. Through working partnerships the project provides knowledge and hands-on experience with new methods and technologies to participating organisations.

Events as a driver of innovation

Eventbased innovation is a highly productive development method that we currently apply to the fields of journalism and media. It’s basically about using a specific event as an innovation platform for the development of new methods and technologies.

This approach has many advantages:

  • Any event is a busy marketplace and a great place to find audiences for the launch or trial of new products and services.
  • Events do not wait for innovation to finish. Nothing beats a big event in terms of setting a non-negotiable deadline for a development process.
  • For an organisation, preparing and training important new approaches for a specific live event creates a benign environment for change. Overcoming existing internal barriers is seen as more relevant and valuable, as all efforts contribute to the actual event coverage.
  • Participants receive invaluable hands-on experience with new methods/tools/roles during the event.

Main areas of innovation:

  • Creating value in social media content.
  • Strategic use of social media, at an individual and corporate level.
  • Organisations in relation to media production.
  • Increased experience potential for audiences and media users during events.
  • Mobile content and mobile production strategies & methods.
  • Creative use of new technologies & methods of data collection and visualization.
  • Media Business models based on innovative concepts and methods.

Jens Otto Kjær Hansen, Rector, The Danish School of Media Journalism:

“For us at The Danish School of Media and Journalism, it is a clearly stated goal that we take the lead in development and innovation projects for, and with, media companies and organisations.

This has in particular been the case in this project’s approach. The wave of new media has created a pressing demand for the development of new methods and formats within the journalistic discipline of coverings events while they unfold.”
Read the full interview here. (In Danish).

Partnership and support

Eventbased Innovation Network is a shared focus area between The Danish School of Media and Journalism and ACTIVE Institute.

From August 2012 through to December 2012 the network’s activities are supported with a grant of 500.000 DKK from the SharePlay Fund.

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